part of me – #61

A vintage Spock
The Klingon dictonary
Henri Nowen
Bruxy Cavey
Sister Helen Prejean

This started as picture of Spock as a symbolic part of my geeky self (RIP Mr. Nimoy) but as I was editing I realized I had the Klingon (a war mongering alien race) Dictionary surrounded by pacifists.  This is the real part of me, because I believe being a pacifist is not about being passive its about actively loving on people.

apprentice – #85

I can’t stop thinking of the World Vision  s**t storm that has been raging these past few days.  Three or so days ago the American branch of World Vision attempted to change their hiring practices to be inclusive to gay individuals. The outcry from “Christians”  was so terrible that yesterday they recanted.  Now arguments run fierce and guess who losses?  Vulnerable children who I guarantee do not give a rats butt who you are sleeping with. So sad.  Incidentally Canada’s branch of World Vision has different policies, it is inclusive and non discriminating.
World Vision does good work The Meeting House has been closely involved and we have seen with our own eyes the positive effect that sponsorship has.