#32 38 is the BOMB

To celebrate my 38th birthday.
I wanted to “bomb” downtown Ottawa with some fun randomness 
So I roped a good friend into my plans and fun was had.
Some “bombs” were random acts of kindness most were random acts of silliness. 🙂
So in an exception to my one photo a day blog here is 38 photos for 38 fabulous years.
we left tones of these rocks around
A good old fashioned hand written and snail mailed letter to a dear old friend. 

left in public restrooms
quotes on bus seats

fun cards left on random benches

on mirrors in public restrooms
we left lots of random sticky notes around
“don’t let the muggles get you down”

giving random inanimate objects life 🙂

put this on a mirror in a lingerie store

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taped quarters onto all the candy machines we could find

really wish I could have seen the next person open this up

strangers loved the mustaches