possum drama #252

252 possum drama

ok, this is a crap picture but I had to post to capture this moment. this silly marsupial got its self stuck on our fence post.  He walked back and forth but could not figure out how to get down off the fence,  he finally jumped into the bush bellow made some hilarious squeaks and ran off.  The Girl and I must have watched for a good 30 minutes, quality entertainment.

free mom hugs #159

free mom hugs

When Comic-con and PRIDE’s time lines cross you get Proud Mom.

I am a straight cis person,  I am an advocate, I am an ally and I am a Mom with lots of love to give.

Come to me all who’s family’s do not accept your identity and get your hugs and affirmations.

You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are loved.

Did y’all know LGBTQA+ adolesents  have the highest rate of attempted suicide?  AND did you  know 7 UN nations impose the death penalty on same sex relations and it is criminalized (10 years to life in prison) in 70!?  This is why we have PRIDE month.

You’re here you’re queer and you’re fabulous.

#lifeisacelebration #freemomhugs #pride