BOHEMIAN Bohemian n, adj (person) leading an unconventional life

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I have been staring at this little “introduction” box for a ridiculous amount of time. Who would want to read about me? But then again no one made you click on my profile. Ah-well I have just realized this is why I love photography. It can speak for me. Taking pictures allows me to communicate where words and proper punctuation fail me. It captures something I want to save and treasure. Perhaps I was able to see something others were not…magical. I am a mother of two strange and wonderful children, wife to my pastor husband keeper of cats and rats. I am currently working a string of craptacular jobs to help support my family. If it was not for my creative outlets my poor spirit would have shriveled and died somewhere in between Elmira and St.Catharines. I love to make anything, sewing, painting, home renos, art journaling and of course photography. I am thankful for my blogs as an outlet and I am truly pleased that you have taken the time to read a little bit about me, I hope one or two of my pictures makes you smile.

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